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We made a Yoga Comic Book!

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After over a year of weird obsession, Yoga Joe, the comic book, is finally complete! Pre-order now to own a 1st edition print run. It’s the story of a retired U.S. Marine, who gains yoga super powers and defends a Himalayan Monastery from an invading army.

Yoga + Robots + Muscle-Bound Super Soldiers

I approached a writer friend of mine, Chris Mead, to see if he’d be interested in making a comic book about a yoga super soldier, who somehow kicks ass with peace. And presented in a way that wouldn’t be preachy, but would crack us up. Armed with our mutual love for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we embarked on one of the weirdest projects of our careers. Afterall, we’d never made a comic book before. But suddenly there we were, lovingly crafting a cast of unique yoga characters, inventing this mountain world, and creating a story with giant robots, evil bosses, badass dogs, and mind-bending yoga.

Stacks and stacks of scribbly papers turned into more drafts. Then we threw it away, and started over. Again and again. Until we had story-boarded a 70 page yoga epic. Drawn very, very badly.

Early scribbles

Early scribbles

Chris and I embarked on a world search to find the perfect illustrator to bring this project to life. When we saw PK’s art, we knew that we’d found the right guy - not only was he immensely talented, there was a degree of humor to his drawing style. And he was capable of geeking out with imaginative weapons and fantastical environments. When I saw the first three pages of the comic, it felt like he had crawled into my brain, drew what I was thinking, and then added a little bit extra. It was a weirdly intimate relationship to jump into with a stranger from the internet!

The one, the only, PK Olson.

The one, the only, PK Olson.

With the yoga scenes, I wanted to show people why I like yoga. Not just with a sequence of stretches, but what it ACTUALLY FEELS LIKE to be a sweaty slop of meat, cracking one’s spine and unlocking one’s achiest back muscles. Strange body odors wafting, sweat gushing out of every pore. Yoga doesn’t usually look graceful when I do it, but it feels AMAZING.

After the Yoga Joes action figures, I’d made a lot of unique friends online- fans of the project, who were both in the military and huge advocates of Veteran yoga. They’re experts in this very specific thing we were thinking about - yoga and the Veteran experience. Their influence on the story was invaluable. From all of the little nuances like the specific grade of Ka-Bar knife that Marines carry, to nailing the yoga poses authentically, to the emotions that often come after service. We called them our “Om-land Security Advisors,” and we couldn’t have made this without them.

From the arm of a Jeff Sargent, an Army Veteran I met on Instagram. He's a huge advocate of yoga for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress, and he ended up being an advisor to our storyline.

From the arm of a Jeff Sargent, an Army Veteran I met on Instagram. He's a huge advocate of yoga for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress, and he ended up being an advisor to our storyline.

Chris and I had been fans of Ken Kelly’s art for years. Ken is a super decorated artist, and a former Marine as well! He’s created epic art pieces for He-Man, Conan the Barbarian, KISS, and even Star Wars. Specifically, we were admiring a Boba Fett comic cover he’d made decades ago. I remember sighing, “Man, how can we ever do something THAT cool?” To which my girlfriend replied, “why don’t you email him?” Five minutes later, Ken Kelly replied back: “Tell me more about this yoga comic book…”

Boba Fett Inspiration. 

Boba Fett Inspiration. 

Comic books are nothing new, but we wanted to use the medium to tell a story that was both peaceful and funny, while still being action-packed. It allowed us to tell a story with infinite possibilities, explosions, mechanized animal-themed bad guys, and alien metallic rainbow surfaces.

Like all hard-to-make things, this was the culmination of a lot of really talented people. We hope you like it! We certainly had a lot of fun making it.

~Dan & Team

Yoga Joe, the comic book. Issue #1.
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NEW YOGA JOES! Meet Series 2.

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I'm psyched to announce that we've made some new figures! Securely packaged in their clear mini-studio with genuine faux-bamboo floor are SEVEN new additions to the Yoga Joes team: Eagle, Wheel, Peaceful Warrior, Triangle Pose, Happy Baby, Plank, and Downward-facing Battle Dog. Pre-order them here for $20. 

Highlights of Series 2...


One of the most euphoric yoga poses of all time for those of us that suffer from back pain, Happy Baby has joined the squadron, as our first kinetic yoga joe. We intentionally curved his back, so he can tilt back and forth, like we all do for Happy Baby. End result? Gently flick him with your finger and buckle-up for some sweet side-to-side Yoga Joes rocking action!  


Eagle pose balances on one foot without a yoga mat, which is a feat of engineering I feel is on par with building the pyramids or sending a man to the moon. Seriously, this took time.  (But I like Eagle a lot, so well worth it.)  We worked closely with actual yoga instructors to make the pose accurate and authentic and, as always, the closer we got to the actual pose, the better our Eagle guy balanced. 


Back when we first got started, the way we got tricky Yoga Joes to balance was by sticking them on a mat. No more. We’ve gotten better at modeling new figures to balance and, much like in our own yoga practice, have actually come to enjoy the challenge of getting poses to work. Also, we find Yoga Joes just look cleaner without a mat, and every now and then mats break or come loose. But some of you like the mats, so we included a yoga mat as an accessory in Series 2 that you can use as you see fit.

And last but not least...


Good Boys Do Yoga: Downward-facing Battle Dog

Good Boys Do Yoga: Downward-facing Battle Dog

We had long wanted to make a K9 Yoga Joe, and with Series 2, that dream is now a reality. Downward-facing Battle Dog has a Kevlar vest he wears whether sniffing out bombs or schooling his human counterpart (namely Downward Dog guy from the original Yoga Joes set). Downward-facing Battle Dog speaks to our love of dogs and also our love of terrible puns, and we hope it will do the same for you. I hope you like them! Pre-order your set now for a 20% discounted price. These babies are scheduled to ship on October 20th.

Thanks for your continued support and keep emailing me your favorite yoga pose suggestions at A lot of these figures originated as suggestions from happy customers, so keep ‘em coming!



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Yoga Joes needs a comic book illustrator

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From the  1997  comic book, produced by the Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz

From the 1997 comic book, produced by the Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz

We need a talented illustrator for Yoga Joes, the comic book. It's an epic tale of yoga super soldiers in the Himalayan mountains. It's silly and dramatic, and we want to have a lot of fun telling this story. 

We are a team of an art director and a writer, and we need an illustrator to bring our 26 pages of storyboards to life. We've developed a lot of the story already, but we are looking for a member of the team to collaborate with, and develop it even further. Specifically there will be a lot of:
- gestural figure drawings (they'll be doing a lot of yoga)
- mountains, nature, epic sunsets
- eastern monastic clothing
- zen-like environments (temples)
- comic book style onomatopoeia action typography
We are in both San Francisco and LA, and are willing to work with you remotely. Ideally there would be a few rounds of pencil stage, an inking stage, and if possible a color stage. 

We are looking for dramatic comic book style. We like seeing the pen strokes versus 3D graphics, but we're open-minded to whatever style feels right for the project. Something that takes this funny concept, to a very serious place.

Depending on experience. We can discuss. 

Please send portfolios or samples of your illustration work through our ad here. Thanks!

~Team Yoga Joes

This Veterans Day: $10 of every set goes to Connected Warriors

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One of the most unexpected and gratifying aspects of creating Yoga Joes has been the big, positive response from yoga practitioners within the veterans and servicemember communities.  One of our favorite yoga organizations serving these communities is Connected Warriors, whose goal is "to support, improve and facilitate the well-being of Veterans, service members and their families in communities nationwide by providing effective wellness programs at no charge."  We here at Yoga Joes are big fans of the Connected Warriors organization.

Thanks to Connected Warriors, Yoga Joes have been able to help keep the inner peace as far away as Afghanistan. As a small token of our appreciation, this Veterans Day, for every Yoga Joes set we sell, $10 of your purchase will go straight to Connected Warriors.


Yoga Joes go to Afghanistan

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Thanks to Connected Warriors and a very motivated US Army Captain, the Yoga Joes have made it to Afghanistan! It is so very cool to see them being handed out to real-life soldiers, as they signed up for yoga class. Plastic Yoga Joes with the real Yoga Joes.

Life-Size Yoga Joes

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Production involved mannequins, Army Surplus clothes, and a ton of green paint.

One of my goals was to make the meditation Yoga Joe levitate. The solution? A children's basketball hoop. 


The hands were a major problem - they had to be in the correct position, and most mannequin hands are in a weird cupping pose. I went to a mannequin boneyard and was able to salvage what I could, but had to do some serious Frankensteining. I used polyfiber puddy to fill the holes, and epoxy to make impossible joins happen. And then, I sanded them down like crazy.

Then, we had to take apart our masterpiece, and put them in enormous boxes to overnight them to New York! It was very heartbreaking to disassemble something we'd spent so many weeks creating, but that was all part of the plan when we designed it. 


In the end it was all worth it, especially when seeing people's reactions when walking by the giant warrior monks. They would typically burst out laughing or be completely puzzled. The Life-Size Yoga Joes went on display in both Manhattan and Brooklyn storefronts, and are now on their way to Connected Warriors in Florida, a non-profit that brings yoga to veterans.