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Announcing Rainbow Joes!

Dan Abramson3 Comments

Underneath Yoga Joes’ green exterior, a multicolored symphony of light has been waiting to emerge. And at last it is happening. Introducing:

If you took military grade tranquility and shot it through a prism, this is what you’d get.

For the longest time, friends of the project had been asking me to do a rainbow set. So I fussed over the colors to get them just right. The Rainbow Joes, like their monochromatic brethren, come with 9 figures comfortably housed in a clear plastic yoga studio with mini-scale bamboo floor. 

7 Variations

We all remember that quote from Forrest Gump: “Life is like a box of yoga never know *exactly* what you’re going to get.” (Or something like that.) For production reasons, I can’t promise you a specific color combination, but whatever yoga rainbow you wind up with will meet minimum federal standards for color vibrancy, pose accuracy, and conversational appeal. 

All figures in all colors

That said, for those who want all the colors of the rainbow in all conceivable combinations, you can buy a solid set of red, tantric tangerine, tan, green, blue, purple, or pink! And for a limited time, you can get a bundle deal of all Series 1 solid colors versions called, the Series 1 All Colors Bundle Deal

Timing of Rainbow Joes

The Rainbow Joes are being assembled by a team of Veteran workers in Washington State (they're great, check out V.I.E.W. if you're looking for assembly work and want to help Vets find work). I have about 100 sets in stock now, and the remaining batch should be ready by November 15th. So even if you don't order in time for the first batch, your order will count as a pre-order, which should be fulfilled in a little over a month.

Thanks for your continued support of this project, and I hope you dig the
new colors!

Namaste, ~Dan