Yoga Joes

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Life-Size Yoga Joes

Dan Abramson4 Comments

Production involved mannequins, Army Surplus clothes, and a ton of green paint.

One of my goals was to make the meditation Yoga Joe levitate. The solution? A children's basketball hoop. 


The hands were a major problem - they had to be in the correct position, and most mannequin hands are in a weird cupping pose. I went to a mannequin boneyard and was able to salvage what I could, but had to do some serious Frankensteining. I used polyfiber puddy to fill the holes, and epoxy to make impossible joins happen. And then, I sanded them down like crazy.

Then, we had to take apart our masterpiece, and put them in enormous boxes to overnight them to New York! It was very heartbreaking to disassemble something we'd spent so many weeks creating, but that was all part of the plan when we designed it. 


In the end it was all worth it, especially when seeing people's reactions when walking by the giant warrior monks. They would typically burst out laughing or be completely puzzled. The Life-Size Yoga Joes went on display in both Manhattan and Brooklyn storefronts, and are now on their way to Connected Warriors in Florida, a non-profit that brings yoga to veterans.