Yoga Joes

Here to keep the inner peace.


Shipping Times

Ship Times in the US: 3-4 business days, depending on geographic location. Shipping one set of Yoga Joes in the US costs $6.50 USD. The carrier is typical USPS First Class Mail, but this varies depending on location and size of the order.

Expedited Shipping in the US
If you'd like to look into expedited shipping in the US, you can buy Yoga Joes on Amazon.

International: I ship to most countries via USPS First Class Mail. It's the cheapest option (about $18.50 USD) so it typically takes 3 weeks to get there. Feel free to check out some of my international partners. They might be able to get it to you faster if you're in the same country! If you want to organize expedited shipping, contact me at